Sample Brewing Handbook
Appendix 2 - Common Terms and Definitions

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Yeast is our friend. Heat is yeast's enemy. Try to keep it below 80-85 at all times.

Fermentation is the creation of alcohol by yeast and sugars.

Fermenter is a container to do fermentation in.

Rehydration is done by putting the dry yeast in a cup of luke warm water for ~15 minutes.

Wort is the raw beer before fermentation.

Must is the raw wine, cider, mead, etc.

Steeping is the extraction of flavors by soaking the item in the wort/must. This is similar to the making of tea.

Lees are the junk left on the bottom of the fermenter. This is typically dead yeast and other things that have fell out during fermentation.

Racking is the transfer of the beer/wine from one fermenter to another.

Filtering is the transfer of the beer/wine through a filtering agent, such as cheese cloth or coffee filters.

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