Sample Brewing Handbook
Appendix 1 - Brewing Related Laws of Ansteorra, Oklahoma and Texas

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Ansteorran Law -
IX. 1. 2. 6. No funds from any SCA, Inc. account may be used to purchase ethyl (human consumable) alcohol for any reason. Nor can equipment and/or supplies be purchased that are intended to be used to make ethyl (human consumable) alcohol.

American Homebrewers Association Information
USA Federal Statute information -
Oklahoma State Statute information -
Texas State Statute information -

State and Federal Laws and Regulations
Texas Statutes Alcoholic Beverage Code -
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code -
Code of Federal Regulations: Title 27 - Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms -

State Agencies
Oklahoma ABLE Commission -
Oklahoma Tax Commission -

Federal Agencies
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm -

Please consult your lawyer if you have any questions regarding the legalities of homebrewing.

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